11pcs Resistance Bands
11pcs Resistance Bands
11pcs Resistance Bands
11pcs Resistance Bands
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11pcs Resistance Bands

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Introducing our 11pcs Resistance Bands! This set of 11 bands is perfect for anyone looking to add an extra level of challenge to their workout. Each band is made of high-quality latex, offering tons of resistance and flexibility. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, Pilates enthusiast, or just getting into Crossfit and strength training, these bands will help you get the most out of your workout. Get ready to sweat and build your strength with the 11pcs Resistance Bands!

Product Details

Material: TPE latex
5 * 8 * 1200 Yellow 10lb
6 * 9 * 1200 Green 15lb
5 * 9 * 1200 Red 20lb
5 * 10 * 1200 Blue 25lb
5 * 11 * 1200 Black 30lb

Package Includes

1 x 11pcs Resistance Bands (5 pcs rope+2pcs handle+2pcs Foot care+1 pcs Door Latch+1 pcs bag)

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